58.com Australia

58.com Australia is the world's largest marketplace operator and is listed on the NYSE with a market capitalisation that is twice the size of News Corporation
Largest marketplace in the world

58.com has 4.5BN users per day, covers 44 countries and 260 cities worldwide.

Australia's favorite Chinese website

58.com Australia's 7 destination-specific websites have 1.2M visitors per day

Targeted advertising

Rover can use its 58.com Australia advertising account to target 1BN subscribers


WeChat Pay, boasts over 900 million WeChat users in China, and over 200 million users of its related payment platform.

The Rover WeChat partnership enables Rover to provide world-leading personalised marketing and communication services to WeChat users world wide.

Royal Pay Adelaide

Royal Pay Adelaide provides Rover with Chinese payment solutions

Jetek China Digital

Jetek China Digital provides Rover with a range of Chinese technology solutions, which allows Rover to offer custom and highly cost-effective entry level Chinese marketing services.
I am delighted to partner with Rover. Influencer marketing is closely aligned with our core business of delivering marketing and technology solutions to Australian businesses.
Chris Cheng Managing Director

Our Technology

The roverjourney platform uniquely manages a multi-sided marketplace with three key stakeholders.


Consumers who are engaged with Rover by WeChat mini-app, 58.com Australia. Free access to travel ideas from City Players.


Influencers who review experiences, create blog and video content, which is moderated and published by Rover and receive payment from Rover.


Exclusive participation offers pages in the Rover WeChat account, blogs created by Rovers and 58.com Australia and WeChat advertising.