Mini Program – Good for the first entry in Chinese Market

WeChatA recent WeChat Mini-program report shows very positive trands of Using Rate.-Retention after 14 days increased by 10 times

-Time per session increased by 4 times

-Average e-commerce order is between 200 to 1,000 RMB-Sharing is the most popular access method

-67% of users open mini-programs more than 4 times per day


(Data Source : Jisu APP -即速应用)


Jetek China Digital Adelaide Australia
Mini Program
The big user group is still the young people. (only 15% of users are above 40 years old).Age distribution of mini-program users also depends heavily on the type of mini-programs. 

The Gender of WeChat Mini-program users is depends on the type of mini-programs.


Overall, Female user number is higher than male’s.

This trend is mostly due to the fact that E-commerce mini-programs are heavily promoted by official accounts and influencers in the fashion / cosmetics / childcare industry which have a majority of female followers.


The bulk of WeChat Mini-program users is, as we might expect, concentrated within mainland China (98.6% of mini-program users)But for overseas, the majority user groups are located in Europe and Russia (56.98%) 

Jetek China Digital Adelaide Australia

If you want to reach Chinese Market, it is a good time for you to use Mini-Program step in this big market.

Jetek China Digital Adelaide Australia

Jetek China Digital and can help you approach Chinese customers both living in Australia and China.

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